JeezumCrowe – 3/31/2016

Fate: Blessed with Good Fortune
Result: One day you’re stealing bread and the next thing you know you’re living the high life in the palace, all thanks to a mischeivous monkey, a flying carpet, and a genie who wishes for freedom. [From Disney’s Aladdin]


DejaVuDarkmist – 4/6/2016

Fate: Suffer a Terrible Death
Result: After stealing $40,000, skipping town, and driving for a day and a half, you stop at a motel to settle in for the night only to find yourself being stabbed to death in the shower by a nervous man with an uncomfortably close relationship with his mother. [From Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho]


FuturemanGaming – 4/13/2016

Fate: Blessed with Good Fortune
Result: A merry fellow–master of wood, water, and hill–saves you from an evil willow tree and offers you shelter for two nights in his song-filled home. [From J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings]