A 1950s Style Diner in Central WV = A Little Slice of Heaven for Me

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a longtime friend while he was in the area traveling for work. Granted, I still had to drive two hours to meet him, but when you live in the middle of nowhere, anywhere that’s some place of note is at least 45 minutes away. It was really nice catching up with my friend, and since we didn’t want to hang out in our hotel rooms the whole time, we decided to sample the local cuisine and browse the shops that were available to us.

One of the local places I didn’t want to miss was a 1950s-style diner that usually comes up in travel blogs and articles whenever anyone visits that particular area of West Virginia:  The Poky Dot in Fairmont. I wish I had more pictures of the place because it really looks like it’s straight out of the 50s. There are brightly colored booths, a counter with stools, and lots of old-fashioned decorations hanging on the walls. The atmosphere is lively, and all of the waitstaff are quick and friendly.

Foodwise, the menu consists of standard diner fare. They offer burgers, fries, and shakes, and serve breakfast all day long. However, the Poky Dot’s take on these staples is what makes them stand out from amongst all the other diners (retro or not) scattered across West Virginia–especially the desserts! One of the Poky Dot’s most famous offerings is a gigantic 9-scoop banana split: 3 scoops each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream mounted on a banana and topped with chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple syrups, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries! It’s definitely a feast for friends, so if you’re ever in the area, don’t go alone!

The other behemoth meal offered by the Poky Dot is the He-Man Breakfast, which is basically a gigantic carb overload of every breakfast item cooked on a griddle that you can think of–eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and more, all served on a (clean) garbage can lid!


The Poky Dot's Raspberry Kissed Burger

The Poky Dot’s Raspberry Kissed Burger was better than a smooch at the end of a great date.


I would have loved to have taken on one of these meals fit for a giant, but since it was relatively early in the day when we went, I ended up opting for something smaller. The burger you see in the photo above is the Poky Dot’s “Raspberry Kissed Burger,” and it comes with mozzarella cheese, spring greens, and raspberry chipotle sauce. It was sweet, a little spicy, and incredibly tasty.

Even though the Poky Dot is a bit of a distance to travel just to eat, I’m already making plans to return so I can sample some of the other treats. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to tackle that ginormous banana split, but I definitely want to try some of their Mason jar milkshakes!

By alibanner