I Like Big Bookstores and I Cannot Lie


A couple of months ago I got to visit my best friend out in Seattle, Washington. It was a really great trip and we managed to fit a lot into my short stay (10 days is far too short for best friends to see one another), but my absolute favorite day was when we made the trek down to Portland, Oregon and visited the world’s greatest bookstore: Powell’s City of Books. We also ate at a really amazing cafe/French Bistro called Cheryl’s on 12th and visited the Oregon Science and Technology Museum, but the bookstore was truly the star of the show.


Oui, oui!

This inviting dish is the Croque Madame from Cheryl’s on 12th in Portland, OR. A grilled ham and Gruyère cheese sandwich with mornay sauce, topped with an egg (without the egg it’s a Croque Monsieur–clever, right?), plus cheesy hash browns on the side. Decadent and delicious!


I don’t know if you know how much I love books, but let’s just say I have a personal library in my home that contains over 1,500 titles and it’s the best-kept room in my entire house. Dusty books lead to dusty lives or something. I am not ashamed to admit that I have an addiction to buying books, nor am I ashamed to tell you that when I worked at a bookstore I spent most of my paycheck taking advantage of my employee discount. Used books, though, are my favorite things to purchase, and it’s impossible to yank me away from those sales that allow you to shove as many books as you can into one bag and then pay only a dollar for them. HEAVEN.

Needless to say, I loved the time I spent in Powell’s with my best friend. Two of my favorite things in the world in one place? Heck. Yes.


This is just one row of kids' books!

Books and Bae–Can’t go wrong!



If you’re not familiar with Powell’s it’s a gigantic bookstore that takes up basically an entire city block and has multiple floors of shelves jam-packed with both used and new copies. It’s arranged by genre so everything is easy to find, and since they house both used and new copies side by side, it’s super easy to see the deals you’re getting by buying the used copies.

It’s not just recent titles that they offer, either. I managed to find some old favorites among some of the newer stories I love and even found every book in a series that I read as a kid twenty-some years ago. I picked up six of those books because I didn’t want to spend all my money there—no that,’s a lie… I wanted to, but I couldn’t–with the intention of someday visiting again in the future to buy the rest. Overall, I managed to fill a basket with all my finds and spend less than a hundred bucks. Not a bad deal!


Books, books, books!

This cart of books cost me less than $100–Wow! Such a steal!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t take all of my purchases home with me due to limited bag space, so they are waiting for me in a tote bag back at my best friend’s apartment in Seattle. This, of course, just gives me multiple reasons to venture again to the other side of the country. Knowing myself, though, I’ll probably just find my way back to Powell’s and buy even more books I can’t take home with me; it will be a vicious cycle, for sure, but SO worth it!

By alibanner